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H & S Specialties Inc.

120 14th Ave NE
Glenwood, MN 56334

Phone 763-792-2184      Toll free 877-562-5070 
Fax 763-785-9065 Toll Free Fax 877-280-2087

Injection Molding - competitive pricing
- excellent quality - outstanding customer service.

We can help you with all your plastic injection molding needs from prototypes to production. Your injection molded products will be produced in a manufacturing cell specifically equipped and staffed to meet your part specifications, assembly and packaging requirements.

Your results are cost effective, high quality solutions for your injection molding

H & S is a privately owned custom injection molding and assembly company, dedicated to providing the lowest possible costs as well as the highest quality products and services. We have been in business since March of 1992.

We specialize in short to medium run injection molding volumes, with machines ranging from 40 to 300 ton capacity.

Sub miniature parts are no problem for H & S.
Molded electrical connectors is one of our specialties.

H & S Specialties Inc has CadKey Design Systems and can accept most customer files.

The owner, Greg Hjelm has many years of previous experience in the molding industry prior to starting his own company in 1992. You can benefit from this knowledge and experience in injection molding.

We offer cellular manufacturing, long term contracts and custom inventory programs, including "Just in Time", Kanban, and daily, weekly, monthly shipments as required.

H & S has a flexible staff and are capable of operating 24 hours, 7 days per week when needed.

Our employees take great pride in caring for your molds, the equipment and ultimately the end product. We are constantly working to achieve maximum efficiency for injection molding customers. The ability to continually improve our operations, allows us to price our services competitively.

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120 14th Ave NE
Glenwood MN 56334

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