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Injection Molding

H & S Specialties Inc.

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Sub Miniature Parts are our Specialty.
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Injection Molding Mold Building Information

We offer two types of molds. Self contained molds, which are built and maintained for each individual product or M.U.D. Style (Master Unit Die) molds with hardened cavity inserts.

The M.U.D. style molds can be an attractive alternative to the self contained molds. They produce high quality injection molded or insert molded parts but are designed to reduce the cost of your mold investment. With this style of mold, the customer does not need to invest in a mold base. A standard mold base is used with hardened cavity inserts. The mold base is owned by H & S, with the cost shared by several different customers.

The self contained molds are owned by each customer. The cavity inserts on the M.U.D. style molds are also owned by the customer.

All molds are built and repaired in house using CNC machines. This allows us to reduce the lead time and cost of the molds. It also assures the minimum loss of production time in case a mold requires repair.

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